About the Geek

The Atlanta Fandom Guide is a comprehensive resource for residents of (and visitors to) the Atlanta, GA area — a “labor of love” for fellow fans of science fiction, fantasy, comics, animation/cartoons, anime, gaming, videogames, costuming/cosplay, conventions, movies… in other words, just about anything and everything related to stuff that we geeks grok over.

For requests to add an event, website, fan club or provide updates on current listings, please contact voiceroy – at – yahoo.com.


The AFG was originally developed in 2005 for Georgia-based Transformers fans through a TF fansite. Later, by special request from fans on AWA-CON.com it was expanded to include Anime. And after prompting through other Atlanta-area fan forums, in May 2010 the guide was completely revised and expanded comprehensively to cover all aspects of geek fandom in Atlanta.

The AFG is continually a work-in-progress and only updated periodically. We [I say “we” but there’s only one nerd maintaining this blog] make no attempt to provide regular fandom-related news and event updates because we have too many other pieces of bacon on our plate outside of this blog (as you can see below), and besides… there are well-established fan sites that already offer that service. This blog is simply an attempt to collect info into a single resource for Atlanta fandom.


Originally from Memphis, TN, Craig “Voiceroy” Crumpton has lived in the Atlanta area since 2002. He has been self-employed as a freelance writer/performer since 2008.

An admitted geek and lifelong fan of animation/cartoons and science fiction (and other genre geek stuff), Craig has a long history with fandom as the publisher of Voice Actors in the News and as a staff member/news reporter for the popular animation site toonzone.net.

Craig is a regular attendee of Dragon*Con where he has performed as a comedian/singer for the 2011 “Guest of Honor Awards Banquet” and D*Con’s Filk Track, served as a moderator for Voice Actor panels and assisted as a volunteer for the Animation Track. He has also been a guest at Anime Weekend Atlanta for fan panels on anime dubs, and is a contributor/admin for The Georgia Transformers Fans Facebook page and blog.


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  1. Hi Stephanie, unless you have an Atlanta-local physical store location we would not be interested in further information. We do not sell merchandise and have no interest in being a vendor. Thanks.

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