Fan Clubs and Meetup Groups Page Updated

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Finally finished formatting the Fan Clubs & Meetup Groups page. Also updated previous entries and added over 30 new listings. Just to name a few:


In the next month, or two, or three… or whenever I get around to it, I will be updating EVENTS & VENUES and the SHOPPING GUIDE.


Store Review: A World of Heroes (Dacula, GA)

I have added “A WORLD OF HEROES – Comics & Games” in Dacula, GA to the Shopping Guide.

Finally had a chance to visit this store for the first time in June 2010 even though I’ve known about it since moving northeast of Atlanta in 2007. (Tried staying faithful to keep my orders at another comics shop I’d been doing business with since 2003. But after moving further outside of Atlanta, the driving distance led me to look for another option.)

A World of Heroes specializes in comics (current popular titles, TPBs, back issues) and gaming (primarily the card and strategy type), but they also have other collectibles and merch available if you’re into superheroes and/or science fiction. (Not much in the way of Transformers or Anime except by way of manga, TPBs and back issues, but no big there since it’s not the store’s focus).

An adjacent room in the store has tables set up for gaming, and the store hosts both regular and spontaneous weekly gaming events. They don’t have a website, but they do have a Facebook page where they post info for upcoming store events.

One of the store’s co-owners, Fred Clayton, was very nice and helpful for me, and I learned that he’s also involved with fan panels for Dragon*Con’s SciFi Tracks.

At the time I visited, the store was doing 50% off select TPBs which motivated me to purchase volume 2 of “Twisted Toyfare Theatre,” and I picked up a back issue of IDW’s Transformers comic series as well. And I shall be visiting A World of Heroes regularly in the future as I’ve decided to do my future Previews orders with them.

Shopping Guide Updates

I’ve finished revising the Atlanta Fandom Shopping Guide.

Some noteworthy additions and updates:

Bookstand of NE GA
Spidee’s Comics & Toys
Discover Mills Mall
Hobbytown USA
The Junkman’s Daughter
The Junkman’s Daughter’s Brother
The Raven’s Nest
Rerun Videos

Also wanted to mention that both the N2 Movies and Games stores in Lawrenceville and Social Circle have closed in 2010 (although I don’t know when). I inquired about the Lawrenceville store in May 2010 at the PC/Mac tech store next door and they said they just came in one morning and noticed N2 was empty — like it happened overnight. And I went by the Social Circle store a week later and found it also empty with a “FOR LEASE” sign on the door.

The owner of N2 is an entrepreneur and an avid gamer. If he can find a way to reopen and remain profitable against MovieStop and GameStop, it’s likely he’ll give it another try in the future.

And I finally got around to visiting the House of Anime store in Duluth only to learn that it has become an online-only store. Their physical location is a warehouse storage facility which is not open to the general public.

I’ve also removed the listing for the Santa Fe Mall (formerly Venture Mall) in Duluth, GA. There used to be a sports/comics/collectibles/gaming store in this mall that sometimes had some great deals. However, the store closed sometime during 2009. (If they’ve moved and anyone knows their current location, please post feedback below.)

This mall was completely overhauled and redesigned with Gwinnett’s Latino population in mind as the key demographic. And it’s in an ideal location considering the sizable Hispanic population in Gwinnett. However, it’s doubtful that there are any stores still in this mall that would appeal to the fandom in Atlanta. There is one store selling videogames, videogame accessories, movies and related merch. Unfortunately, they were also selling so many bootleg products that I will not support them by listing them here.

The Venture Cinema is still located at the Santa Fe Mall. I used to watch movies here regularly when I lived in Lilburn due to it being a discount movie theater. However, the place is really run down and dirty, and probably unsafe after dark in the parking lot on weekends.

If you live in Gwinnett County and still want to visit a value/discount movie theater, I recommend the GTC – Gwinnett Town Center Value 10 Cinema in Lawrenceville, GA (next to the Kroger shopping center). It’s located in a marginally better part of town and at least the parking lot has brighter lighting.

Store Closings: Play N Trade – Dacula and Buford, GA

The Play N Trade video game store in Dacula, GA (next to Stars & Strikes) has unfortunately closed without notice. I visited this location on 5.24.2010 and found the store locked with all the product still inside. A brief note posted on the door stated that due to the poor economy the store had to close abruptly, and thanks all their regulars for their business.

On a related note, the Buford Play N Trade store near the Mall of Georgia appears to have closed recently as well.

I must say it’s very disappointing to see these two stores closing almost in the same month, and not just because I was a regular at both stores. It means that the retail industry in Atlanta is continuing to decline and that Play N Trade stores are unable to remain profitable and competitive with the monster corporate juggernaut of GameStop.

Play N Trade’s stores are very gamer-friendly and the staff have always proven helpful for me, and they are among very few retailers outside of independents who still buy/sell/trade vintage games, consoles and accessories.

There are still 8 7 6 5 Play N Trade locations open in the Atlanta area, and I encourage all Atlanta-area gamers to support them:

Athens – closed late 2011
Snellville – closed Summer 2011
Peachtree Corners – closed in 2010

Visit to find the location nearest you.

For you nostalgic types and former regulars at the Atlanta-area PNT stores that closed, I found some videos/TV commercials from those stores:

– Athens, GA

– Buford, GA

– Peachtree Corners, GA