BFOC – Big Fans on Campus

The following short films are both student-produced in the Atlanta area and full of geek fun. (And I promise no Harlem Shake videos in this one either.)

This first one has already been featured on The AFG’s Facebook page, but it’s so geeky and sublimely silly that it must be shared here as well.

Plot: A normal guy strolling across campus must transform into “Cardbart” to defend himself from attack by “The Evil Krogor the Corrugator.” Hilarity ensues.
Written/directed by and starring students from Southern Polytec State University in Marietta, GA (and who also happen to be members of Georgia Transformers Fans).

This second one comes by way of the Momocon Facebook group produced by Georgia State students as an entry in the 2013 Campus MovieFest contest:

LEST WE STARVE… a Life XP Production
Plot: “A group of friends finds some cash. Now it is a battle to the death. Who will win? What will they eat for dinner?” This is a goofy but amusing spoof of LARP-ing (Live-Action Role Play).

Do you have a geeky short film produced in Georgia that you’d like to see featured here? Hit us up in the comments below or send us a message through Facebook.