Georgia’s Top 10 Harlem Shake Videos

Georgia Ghostbusters "bust a move" -

Georgia Ghostbusters “bust a move” in Warner Robins, GA –

Since early February 2013, this “Harlem Shake” meme-dance-craze-fad-parody-thingie has exploded on the web so quickly that it’s doomed to die out even quicker.

And if you know what I’m talking about, you hope I’m right.

But before that happens (knowing full well this is dated as soon as it’s published), I thought I’d compile what I consider to be the most amusing and entertaining “Harlem Shake” videos produced in/around the Atlanta area. More than three hours were spent sorting through “Harlem Shake” created by locals, so perhaps there is someone reading this who will appreciate that I have taken the time to highlight the best of the lot of them. And there are a LOT of them.

My criteria for selection? Videos must be:

a) good-quality video
b) amusing and entertaining
c) preferably geeky in some way (like genre-related masks, props or costumes)
27) full of silly, stupid dancing fools

Following this list of random picks (with occasional commentary interjected), there’s a list of my top 10 favorites — all locally-produced in Georgia.

Harlem Shake v. (Lambda Chi Georgia Tech)
WATCH: for Boba Fett

Norcross Hoops Does The Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake: Caldwell 2nd Georgia Tech

Harlem Shake Davidson GA
WATCH: for the Power Ranger in the boat

FOX 5 Atlanta

Georgia Tech vs Clemson (Live)
WATCH: for the giant Squidward head

Eastside Baptist Students Harlem Shake (Marietta, GA)

Harlem Shake v.1982 (UGA Tate Plaza)
WATCH: for the Stormtrooper and Dancing Banana

Rooftop Harlem Shake (GA Tech Clough Undergraduate Learning Center)

Harlem Shake Down South (Guyton, Ga Style)
WATCH: the family that shakes together

Harlem Shake – Atlanta Vineyard Youth Ministry Edition

Harlem Dog Shake (Chum Bucket Edition – Savannah, GA)

UGA Mens Basketball: Harlem Shake LIVE in the Coliseum: 2013

UGA Pokemon Yellow Pikachu Edition

Hubee D’s @ UGA
WATCH: no one eat at this place ever again
…and also for The Ice King from CN’s “Adventure Time!”

Georgia Tech Edition
WATCH: for Spider-Man, Scooby-Doo and Big Bird

ATL Harlem Shake (CNN Building)

Harlem Shake – Atlanta International School
WATCH: for the rude Clone Trooper

Harlem Shake UGA
WATCH: for description links to UGA Dorm Harlem Shakes Part 1 & 2

GT For The Kids DM Shake

Harlem Shake by LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta
WATCH: Darth Vader get down

Harlem Shake Georgia Tech SGA
WATCH: for the tricycle

Promo for The World’s Largest Water Ballon Fight! w/ DJ Geronimo
WATCH: for the mass flash mob

Harlem Shake (Ghetto Edition) – @funarios
WATCH: for rude Batman

UGA Greek Sorority

And [insert drum roll here] my top 10 favorites…

#10 Georgia Ghostbusters (in Warner Robins, GA)

#9 Harlem Shake Georgian College Advertising Class of 2013
WATCH: Boba Fatt

#8 Georgia Tech Swim & Dive

#7 Original Alley Edition (Downtown Macon, GA)
WATCH: for Optimus Prime

#6 UGA Law
WATCH: for the obligatory legal disclaimer in the video description

#5 Harlem Shake – Atlanta Centennial Olympic Park
WATCH: for The Flash doing push-ups

#4 Georgia State Athletics

#3 UGA – Georgia Bulldogs Football

#2 Mascot Harlem Shake at Georgia Aquarium

#1 UGA Men’s Swim & Dive

And in closing, I must include my personal, all-time favorite “Harlem Shake” video:

Harlem Shake vFinal (NODE Edition)